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We believe in real.

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AIVA is wildly easy care: minimalistic eco-certified skincare, and beauty supplements from pure Finnish nature. 

AIVA was created for you: your ease, your beautifully wild nature, your sensitivities and sensibilities.

AIVA is dermatologically proven to be safe and tolerable for even the most delicate types.

We believe in real.


1 + 1 = 10

At AIVA 1+1=10. Launching with two iconic skincare products that work in tandem:
The Cream + The Oil.

These two products combined create 10+ different uses! AIVA aims to bring luxurious self-care with minimal stress.

This multi-tasking duo is an oil cleanser, deep hydrator, facialmask, facial oil, body ritual, massage oil, bath oil, body oil,face cream, hand & body cream, and much more - a dreamteam.

The AIVA minimalism.

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Inspired by the North

Inspired by Finnish nature - pure and smart.

AIVA promotes 'well' skin by using fewer, versatile multi-purpose products to restore your skin's natural balance, and respecting skin's natural functions.

As we know that your skin is the authority of its own moisturizing, nourishing and balancing properties.

Ecocert  COSMOS-eco-certified. Zero Waste

Inclusive - for all. Ages, skin types. Genders.


AIVA is a multi-award-winning brand including the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards.

As see in ELLE, Marie Claire, Gala, Equipe, Stylist France - and Canal+, to mention some.

Loved also by our clients  - thank you for sharing!

AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend infused with wild, hand-picked Northern Organic Bilberry

Filled with wild, Finnish nature


AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend of carefully chosen eco-certified natural and organic ingredients make skin feel more elastic and supple, and effectively moisturize, nourish and balance the skin.

At the heart of all AIVA skincare products , and AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend - are the little giants famous in Finnish nature: organic Northern Wild Berries with antioxidants Sea Buckthorn and Bilberry.

AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend


Clinically proven

AIVA has been dermatologically tested for use on ALL skin types. 

Our efficicacy is clinically proven, too.

Simple, smart and sensorial.

What’s not to love?


AIVA was created for you: your ease, your beautifully wild nature, your sensitivities and sensibilities.

The Skin

100% vegan and natural supplement

2 capsules a day eg.

  • promotes normal collagen formation for normal skin function

  • contributes to keeping the skin normal

  • promotes the protection of cells from oxidative stres

  • promotes the normal functioning of the immune system

  • promotes the maintenance of normal mucous membranes

*EU Commission Regulation 432_2012,

AIVA The Shampoo &
The Conditioner

THE Natural haircare is here.

The AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend  of organic oat, bilberry, sea buckthorn and white tea extracts, along with betaine, glycerine and xylitol cares for the hair without making it oily.


For all

For all

AIVA has been clinically tested for use on ALL skin types. Our products are suitable for all ages and genders, too. AIVA is for all.

We offer versatile products that can serve multiple purposes, aiming to reduce excess consumption and embrace the 'less is more' philosophy.



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AIVA Organics Oy, Helsinki Finland

reg.number FI10521977

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