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The Art of You

Good people of European and Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2023, how are you?

So super happy to have you here, and so nice to introduce you AIVA from Finland.



AIVA is wildly easy inner and outer care: minimalistic eco-certified multi-use skincare & inner beauty products launching in 2023 (The Skin Capsule). From an award winning founder.

Minimalism is our middle name.



AIVA is a new Finnish brand who knows you are unique, and a work of art.


For us, the signs of a life lived: lines, spots, texture changes, are more authentic and fascinating

than smoothed perfection.


AIVA is an ode to every rising morning. For laughter, lines and scars. For life.


And you, in the center of it all. Individual. Fabulous. Original.

We made this brand as our love language for you! Welcome to kind beauty, welcome to AIVA!

AIVA in nutshelf:

  • Minimalistic, multiuse Ecocert Cosmos -certified natural and organic skincare

  • Two products in our wildly easy skincare routine - The Cream + The OIl

  • Clinically and dermatologiclly tested

  • Suitable even to most sensitive skins - 100% hypoallergenic results in clinical trial

We believe in one good product that does more than a few good things.
And together our two are 10-in-1!

They can be used as:

♥️Eye Makeup Remover

Massage to eye area with gentle round movemements, wipe off with moist cotton pad - rinse with water if you wish. Leaves a lightweight protective layer on the skin.

♥️Facial Cleanser - massage to skin with gentle movements. Remove with moist cotton pad. Rinse if you wish. OIl forms a protective, lightweight layer skin leaves on the skin to protect moisturize evaporating. Night cream is not necessarily needed after regulare use of The Oil as a facial cleanser - your skin natural protective layer starts to maintain the moisture your skin produces.

♥️Facial Oil

Massage ideal amount of The Oil to your face, neck and decollete. 

♥️Body Oil

Use as body moisturizer. Use circular movements towards heart.

♥️Massage Oil
Massage yourself or your loved ones

♥️Cuticle Oil

As required.

♥️Bath Oil

Apply The Oil before bath or shower to prevent skin drying. Ideal espeially to sensitive skin, atopic skin condition.

♥️Personal Lubricant

Yes, just have fun and glow from within.

♥️Cream / Mask Booster

Mix 1-2 drops of The Oil into any natural cream / lotion / mask and enjoy the benefits of organic Nordic berries magical soothing and antioxidant effect

♥️Scalp / Hair mask:

The Oil may be left overnight OR used for 20 minutes – then removed with shampoo - 2 rounds might be needed.

Can be used as pre-washing treatment, too - apply small amount of The Oil to hair ends to prevent breakage before shampooing.

♥️Lip Treatment

Add few drops and massage those pretty lips of yours


Ecocert COSMOS Natural -certified. Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection.


The Cream, 40ml

The Oil, 200ml

The SPF20, 85ml

The SPF50, 50ml


AIVA multiuse skincare

The Cream, 40ml RRP 38,90€

The OIl, 200ml RRP 39,90€

The Duo -gift box RRP 69,90€


The SPF20, 85ml RRP 38,40€

The SPF50, 50ml RRP 38,90€

AIVA was created for you: your ease, your beautifully wild nature, your sensitivities and sensibilities.

Hope you enjoy our products, thank you!

Kindest regards,

Jonna Jalkanen


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