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2 products:

  • The SPF20, 85ml, medium protection

  • The SPF50, 50ml, high protection, vegan


  • 100% physical mineral protection only, zero chemical sunscreens

  • Zero nano particles

  • Ecocert COSMOS -eco-certified

  • Suitable from 3 years up

  • Gentle, moisturizing and caring sun cream and lotion with AIVA Borealis Sun Blend infused with Organic Sea Buckthorn

Apply a generous amount to skin exposed to sun’s rays. Re-apply regularly.

Remove sunscreen in the evenings with The Oil. Pour oil onto your palm. Apply a small amount of oil to the face with gentle, circular movements. Dampen a cotton swab and wipeoff excess oil. Finally, splash with water. Gently pat skin dry. The skin is left with a nourishing, protective layer of protection. Apply on to the face and body after sun exposure.  

Use also as a City Defence to protect from external aggressors (pollution, dehydration, cigarette smoke etc andto helpo to protect against skin Blue-light of the gadgets.

New to natural sunscreens?
Natural sunscreen´s mineral filter
s form a subtle reflective film on the skin. They are reflective shields on top of your skin. How clever! This may appear slightly lighter than your skin´s normal shade when applied generously  - it´s part of the mineral filter´s natural function. You will love them it as they are so much better than conventional chemical sun screens for you  - and the nature we live in and for the waters we refresh ourselves in.

Is it water-proof?
Well, we do not really think any sun cream can last perfectly on your skin
after time, soaking in water and rubbing it with a towel? Some countries already ban such advertising so we do not wish to promote AIVA Sun -products even as water-resistant - even after we have tested them being such. We´ll explain. We swim, play, sweat. Rub our skins with clothes, sand, against furniture. Creams wear off. So always re-apply often. Use hats and clothes to protect your pretty little skin and hair. And enjoy places in the shades - they are the best for reading and breathing. You´ll thank us in a few years. Our pleasure!

How to remove natural sunscreen?
Gently massage plenty of The Oil on your skin. Wipe-off with a moist cotton pad or cloth.

Sun creams doesn’t ensure 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Extended sun exposure is a serious health threat, avoid it even while using a sunscreen. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.


Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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