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The Art of You  - for your beautifully wild nature

AIVA´s founder Jonna Jalkanen has worked for years as a senior executive and Beauty Director in with the world's top cosmetic brands and magazines, from Dior to Elle.

She quickly learned that there was very little difference in skincare outcomes and customer satisfaction, whether a multi-product or minimal approach was used. What seemed to be essential was what was done or not done.

Jonna’s own normal skin still felt dry and flaky on the surface, despite layering products (toner, lotion, serum and seasonal cream). But once she switched to a premium natural natural and organic skincare range for babies she herself had developed, she noticed dramatic results.

When parents who bought the baby range asked why adults could not treat their skin as easily as they treat their babies, Jonna realized that it was time to develop a gentle, easy and effortless product line for adults that respected the skin’s own natural functions

And AIVA was born.

"The cosmetics sector is saturated, and it´s sometimes challenging to understand product function or how to even choose the "right" one! Recently, the 10-step Eastern skincare routine changed the way Westerners care for their face. I wonder what do those nine products not do, that the tenth promises?

I believe that less is more. That skincare can be easy and fuss-free.

I belive that we must create time to live, and space to breathe. Love the self, To cultivate kindness.

AIVA was created for you: your ease, your beautifully wild nature, your sensitivities and sensibilities.

Welcome to AIVA! Welcome to the Art of You! "

We at AIVA believe in understandable language. AIVA offers “well” skin by treating it with less, with versatile multiuse products, to bring natural balance back to the skin. Effective, premium-quality skincare don´t need to be complicated or include tens of products.

Thank you for choosing AIVA! Connect with us on social media, so we can share our journey with you.
And please, say hello! We can’t wait to hear your experience with AIVA.


With love,



P.S. AIVA is truly ecological, too: even our total range in future uses on average 78% less natural resources, energy, product packaging and even fuel compared to other natural skincare brands, we use 100% recyclable packaging, and a tube that is 40% post-consumer recycled material.

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