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AIVA, made with love

Bringing the wildly-easy, minimalistic Finnish beauty experience to you.

AIVA is wildly easy care: 100% clinically-proven hypoallergenic / suitable for sensitive skin minimalistic eco-certified skincare for all ages and skin types.

Gentle formulations rich in magic from our wild, Finnish nature:

Northern Bilberry, a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from environmental pollutants and inner stressors - soothing, moisturizing, antioxidant hand-picked wild Nordic blueberry.

Northern Sea Buckthorn, high in Vitamin A for regeneration.

What is the secret of Finnish berries then compared to the berries that grow elsewhere? The loooong summer days and incredible Midsummer nights full of light combined with cool temperatures of the snowy winters - which increase the aromaticity and pigments of wild berries. Midsummer sun provides our berries with an exceptional level of natural sugars. The antioxidising efficiency of Finnish wild berries is greater than that of other plants. they are richer in antioxidants, anthocyanins and dietary fibres thanks to climatic conditions of the far North

Pamper your skin with AIVA The Cream and The Oil - both infused with Organic Northern Wild Bilberry and Organic Sea Buckthorn - we use them as oils and extract - depending on the product.

Thanks to AIVA Borealis Beauty Blend enriched with ie. Organic Biliberry Oil and Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil AIVA´s multi-award winning skincare oil The Oil is dermatologically proven to

  • have a pleasant, non-sticky lightweight consistency that is pleasant to massage

  • increase hydration by 100% after 4 weeks of use

  • increase nourishment by 100% after 4 weeks of use

  • leaves skin feeling protected thanks to leaving a pleasant, protective layer to skin

  • make skin feel better: more elastic and supple skin

  • does not irritate eyes

  • has enjoyable, mild scent, thanks to soft and round ingredients used + a dash of natural vanilin

  • suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated, and stressed skin

  • ideal for sensitive skin

  • dermatologically and clinically tested

Welcome to #skinimalism #borealisbeauty #aiva!

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