Wildly easy, multiuse products. 1+1=10

AIVA is bringing the wildly easy, minimalistic Finnish beauty experience to you, made with love.

AIVA skin care is based on ease & simplicity;  multiuse products, and respecting skin's natural functions.
As we know that your skin is the authority of its own moisturizing, nourishing and balancing properties.
AIVA products helps to support your skin´s natural barrier.


Our  skincare philosophy is wildly simple and minimalistic:


a) cleanse skin gently with The Oil, multiuse organic skincare oil

b) moisturize and nourish as needed with The Cream, 24h antioxidant cream - and with The Oil

AIVA helps to bring natural balance back to the skin, with kind formulas and concept.

AIVA products are ideal for both face and body.

Clinically-proven to be safe and non-reactive for even the most sensitive skin.

What’s not to love?


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